Transforming Your Company's Retirement Plan into a Powerful Business Tool

Your company’s retirement plan is capable of much more than we typically care to imagine. Retirement plans can be transformed into  strategic tools that are designed to enhance your compensation, tax, and competitive strategies. At ERISA Consultants, we’re delivering transformations that maximize the utility and strategic benefit of your plan.

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Fresh ideas. Expert advice. Future insights.

Fresh ideas. Expert advice. Future insights.

Objective-Driven Design

Whether your objective is to increase your pre-tax contributions, provide incentives, or control employee costs – we can help transform your plan into a powerful utility instead of an expense through specialized design.

Integrated Strategy

Seamless integration of compensation and benefits administration allows business owners and employees to achieve better retirement outcomes, which directly impacts an organization’s ability to compete and succeed.


A flexible compensation planning solution designed to normalize your organization’s labor cycle by providing a clear path to retirement for your employees.


In a normal labor cycle, as employees progress towards retirement, younger, less expensive talent joins the organization to fill necessary positions.  However, if older employees are not able to retire on time, an organization’s labor costs escalate and new talent is not fostered quickly enough to stay competitive.

Having a retirement plan that can help employees retire on time is not only good for the employees, it’s good for your organization.  We design plans that help employees of all ages get on track on an on-time retirement by expanding the range of contributions to significantly increase savings without increasing your organization’s cost.


To help normalize your organization’s labor cycle, you need a retirement plan that allows employees to increase their retirement savings without it becoming cost-prohibitive for the organization.  Employees also need a clear path for an on-time retirement – one that lays out a savings plan and tracks their progress along the way.

Our technology helps employees know how much monthly retirement income to expect based on what Social Security is projected to provide and based on their current savings behavior.  This information provides employees with a clear understanding of what lifestyle and savings changes they may need to make to reach a successful retirement.



A complimentary program for CPAs seeking answers and fresh ideas regarding retirement plan questions and issues.