On Wednesday, November 28, we initiated an email blast to our current customers to deliver their 2019 Annual Notices and Participant Fee Disclosures.  A few minutes after the email blast was initiated, it was discovered that one of our email templates that was intended for a select group of customers was applied to all email blast recipients in addition to the intended recipient group.  Initially, we were concerned that there was the potential for a customer to see a notice or disclosure document that was for a different company’s retirement plan instead of their correct plan.  So an “oops” email was sent out 15 minutes after the original email blast went out to address that concern.

But that concern was not necessary due to the fact that the email templates are built with merge fields that merge in your company’s specific retirement plan notice and disclosure links.  So thankfully, there was no physical way that a customer would have seen the notice or disclosure for another company’s retirement plan to which they were not affiliated.

We felt that it was important to transparent with this issue and to give our customers all the details around the incident, and we’re very sorry for any unnecessary concern that this may have caused.