2019 Q2 Release Notes

June 15, 2019
We’re excited to share some of new features we’ll be rolling out on June 28, 2019 as part of our Q2 release!  Here are the features that will be included…


Search – We’ve built an all-new search feature that searches globally across our application for records in the Company, Plan, and Employee objects.  The results are shown in groups by object type so you can quickly find the records you’re needing.  Search has been one of our most-requested features since we removed the old search feature.


Employee List Enhancements – Tired of having to drill into an employee’s detail records to find what you’re looking for?  We were too.  So we decided to enhance the employee list to present frequently-referenced information directly on the list through the use of a drop-down and hover-over feature.  The drop down will show an employee’s association to various retirement plans that your company sponsors.  This will show their status (eligible, active, etc.), balance information, elections, and investments.  The hover-over feature allows you to hover over an employee’s name and see their mailing address, phone number, email, job description, etc.


Bonus Calculator – We’ve added new results fields to our bonus calculator to give you a better idea of how bonuses are broken down for payroll entry.  The new results fields help you reconcile how the original bonus amount gets allocated to the new classifications.  We’ve also added a bonus calculator feature to each employee’s details screen so you can calculate a bonus for an employee while you’re on their details screen instead of having to navigate to the bonus calculator feature that allows you to run bonuses calculations for multiple employees at a time.


Adding New Employees – The process for adding a new employee to our system has been enhanced to check whether another employee with that same SSN already exists in the app to help prevent creating a duplicate employee record.  We’ve also enhanced our validations on other employee data fields to make it easier and more clear when you’re setting up a new employee.


Employee Notes – Now you can take notes on an employee’s record.  The notes feature allows you to also include attachments so you can store all the relevant information you need for a particular note in one place.


Employee Documents – We’re now supporting document storage on an employee’s record.  So you can store any document you would like – employment agreements, offer letters, etc.


Batch Reporting – Have you ever needed to produce reports for a group of employees?  Well now you can!  Our Reports main menu item allows you to schedule a batch report generation job that will produce reports for any employees you select from your employee roster and download the reports in a zip file.


Employment History Timeline – This is a feature we’re really proud of.  We can now visually represent an employee’s employment history and highlight key events that have taken place along the way – job description changes, pay changes, supervisor changes, etc.   We can track it all and present it on a beautiful timeline.


Supervisor Tracking – You can now add a supervisor on each employee’s record so you know who their supervisor is and we can track those changes over time.


Termination and Rehire Handling – Do you have employees that come and go….and come back again?  Well we now support those scenarios and can track as many termination and rehire dates as you need.  So let the door start revolving!


Investment Election Support – We can now show an employee’s investment elections that they’ve made in their retirement plan account.


Notice and Disclosure Support – All the required notices and disclosures for your retirement plan can now be accessed right at the beginning of an employee’s enrollment process.  The employee confirms that they’ve received the notices and those dates are tracking in our compliance events table.


Compliance Event Tracking – Sometimes it’s hard to prove that a required compliance event took place. So we built a tracking solution that will help keep up with the dates of when employees received certain required notices and other compliance items that help keep your plan tax qualified.


Enhanced Retirement Projection Assumption Control – Now employees will have more control over the assumptions that are used in calculating their retirement projections while using our enrollment process. They can change things like their expected retirement age, add outside retirement accounts, edit their Social Security benefit, etc.


Employer Subsidy Waiting Period Support – Now you can apply a waiting period to your employer-paid retirement subsidies.  This feature allows you to set a certain number of days that an employee must work before qualifying for the employer retirement subsidy.  Before the waiting period is satisfied, the employer subsidy will be $0.  After the waiting period has been satisfied, your employer subsidy formula will be applied.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that was throwing a validation error when adding a new employee with a 0% deferral election

Made retirement income projection scaling consistent across enrollment screens


Check out our Help Center’s Portal User Guide for full details of how to use our portal’s features or go try them out in the portal.

By Chandler Julian, CPA, QKA, AIF

Chandler serves as the firm's Chief Financial Officer.

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