Custom 401(k) Plans

Customization, tax savings, and flexibility – just a few features that make 401(k) plans one of the most popular plan types across businesses of all sizes and industries.

Our Flexible 401(k) Plan Features

Pre-Tax and Roth

Your employees can choose to pre-tax, Roth, or a mix of both.

Safe Harbor

Safe harbor status through a variety of methods – Matching, Non-Electives, or Qualified Automatic Contribution Arrangements.

Employee Grouping

Group your employees to help them make the most of the plan’s benefits.

Automatic Enrollment

Make it easy for your employees to start saving early through automatic enrollment.

Eligibility & Vesting Customization

Customize your plan to attract, retain, and reward employees in a way that keeps your business competitive.

Custom Contribution Formulas

Sometimes your plan may need a custom contribution formula to help you stretch the utility of every dollar that goes in as an employer contribution.

When your employees feel secure, your business will too.

Your employees will have access to holistic retirement advice to help them make important decisions about their savings and investment habits.  Tackling these decisions with our help will let your employees know they have a partner that will be there for them.

Investment Options

Low-Cost Index Funds

By using low-cost mutual funds from companies like Vanguard, your employees will keep more of their retirement savings instead of having it erroded by expenses.

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Investment Portfolios

Our professionally-managed investment portfolios take the guesswork out of achieving proper diversification and  rebalancing frequency.

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Each employee can direct their own investment choices in their 401(k) plan account, which allows for complete customization.


More reasons to switch to a custom 401(k) plan.

Painless Conversions

We take the lead on helping you migrate your existing 401(k) plan over to our platform to help keep it simple for you and smooth for your employees.

Ongoing Consulting

As your business changes over time, so must your retirment plan. That’s why we look for opportunities to help your plan evolve to meet the shifting demands of your business and your employees.

Guided Setup

We’ll set up your plan through an easy series of questions about your company and employee demographics, designed to take very little of your time.

Proactive Compliance

Most providers only run compliance tests after the end of the year, which means it’s too late to fix a problem.  We believe in looking for these issues throughout the year so that they can be resolved faster.


We’ll get the word out to your employees that your plan is ready for launch and we’ll help them get started with their 401(k) plan account.


If your plan requires an annual audit, we’re here to help make that process less burdensome for you. Our service team will work directly with your auditor to fulfill data requests and answer questions.

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