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Retirement plans are not commodities.  Each one requires a design as unique as each company’s workforce.  That is why you need a partner who can take your employee demographics, government regulations, and your own goals as a business owner and craft a design that accounts for all of these.

At ERISA Consultants, we’re bringing fresh design ideas to deliver better results.  Let us be your partner in this process.

Enhanced Tax Strategies

High earners have a more rigorous retirement saving challenge ahead of them than lower income workers because of the decline in Social Security benefits that occurs as income increases.  We specialize in custom plan design techniques that deliver the maximum benefit without driving up costs.  These designs allow business owners and other highly compensated employees to maximize their tax-deferred retirement savings without it becoming cost-prohibitive.  These designs send a strong message to your key personnel that help make your business the success that it is.  So, take care of the people who take care of your business by optimizing their retirement benefits.

Solutions Don't Start with Providers

Often times, your service providers don’t have the expertise necessary to design a solution that leverages the full extent of regulatory opportunities.  So, we believe your solutions shouldn’t start with your service providers and advisors.  Instead, it should start with an expert.  We specialize in sophisticated plan designs that can achieve specific outcomes and deliver optimal results.  Once a solution is created, we can also provide the turn-key services to support it.  So, you’re dealing with one expert contact for everything related to your company’s retirement pan.

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