401(k) Investment Advice

Professionally-Managed Portfolios

We offer professionally managed portfolios that make it simple and easy for participants to achieve a successful retirement investment strategy.



Low-Cost Investments

We use the lowest-cost share class Vanugard and Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) index-style mutual funds.



Someone You Can Talk To

Artificial intelligence is great, but sometimes you need a real human being to talk to.  That’s why we’re firm believers that every participant should have access to a professional investment adviser who can talk with them about their strategy and provide personalized advice.

Essentially, every financial institution and adviser has access to the same investments.  So, we don’t waste time promoting mutual fund manager A versus mutual fund manager B.  Instead, we’re focused on achieving the right allocation across various asset classes, while minimizing risk and investment expenses.  We believe asset allocation and fee minimization is the key to achieving optimal growth in your retirement portfolio.

If you retire or if you change jobs, we can continue to manage your portfolio in IRA at Charles Schwab.

Investment advice is provided by our wholly-owned subsidiary, ERISA Advisers, which is solely focused on providing personalized investment advice to every retirement plan participant – regardless of account balance.

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