Investment Menu

Through our custodian partnerships, we’re able to offer the entire mutual fund and ETF universe, but it’s often overwhelming for participants when there are too many investment choices. 

So we’ve prepared a sample mutual fund investment menu that keeps investing for retirement simple and inexpensive, while providing proper diversification and asset class coverage.

Equity Funds

U.S. Domestic Equities

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Admiral Shares (VTSAX)
Vanguard Small Cap Index Fund Admiral Shares (VSMAX)
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value Index Fund Admiral Shares (VMVAX)

Real Estate

Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund Admiral Shares (VGSLX)

International Equities

Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTIAX)
DFA International Small Company Portfolio (I) (DFISX)
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Admiral Shares (VEMAX)
DFA Emerging Markets Small Cap (I) (DEMSX)

Fixed Income Funds

Total Bond Market

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Admiral Shares (VBTLX)
Vanguard Small Short-Term Bond Index Fund Admiral Shares (VBIRX)

Government Bonds

DFA Intermediate Government (DFIGX)

Model Portfolios

To help make investing for retirement even easier, we offer asset allocation model portfolios that are professionally managed by our advisor team.

Balanced Income

50% Equities
50% Fixed Income


60% Equities
40% Fixed Income

Moderate Growth

70% Equities
30% Fixed Income


80% Equities
20% Fixed Income

Aggressive Growth

90% Equities
10% Fixed Income

Strategic Allocation
A strategically-managed portfolio with a varying allocation.
Global Equity
100% Equities
0% Fixed Income
Fixed Income
0% Equities
100% Fixed Income