Tailored Plan Design

Let us tailor your retirement plan's design to not only your employees' and company's needs but to take your company to new heights.


Your company's retirement plan is capable of delivering so much more value than you thought. It just takes the right design to put the pieces together and unlock its potential.


At ERISA, we think differently. We look for opportunities to maximize your plan, based on your company’s unique characteristics. And if there’s an opportunity to do something better, we’re eager to let you know about it because we’re always up for a challenge.

We give tangible results.
Restructuring your plan can be done without any increase or contribution costs.

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Employee Benefit Grouping

Your retirement plan is a powerful tool for offering different incentives that attract and retain your different employee groups –

  • Owners and shareholders
  • Non-owners that crucial to your business
  • Transitional staff

Each group has different retirement needs, and your plan should be able to offer meaningful benefits to everyone.

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Compensation Planning

flexComp, our proprietary compensation planning solution, bridges the gap between retirement planning and compensation planning for a comprehensive picture of each employee’s total compensation.

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Maximizing Contributions

We work with business owners, executives, and anyone looking to reach the annual IRS contribution limits to customize a plan design that will offer that capability in the most efficient way possible.

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Plan Troubleshooting

Has your plan run off course? Or are you having compliance issues? We can help. We’re no stranger to helping plan sponsors resolve compliance failures and operational issues.

Get started today.

Contact us to start the conversation about how to improve your existing retirement plan or to set up a plan for the first time. We’ll work with you to determine the best fit and we’ll custom-tailor your plan to meet your company’s objectives.