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We manage every part of your retirement plan.  This includes everything from fiduciary oversight, investment menu monitoring, recordkeeping, compliance, plan administration, and more.

A Variety of Plan Types to Suit Your Needs

Profit Sharing Plans

A great option for going beyond a traditional matching arrangement.  We offer new comparability (cross-testing) services as well as serval other profit sharing allocation methods.

Floor Offset Plans

Floor offset plans integrate your profit sharing and cash balance plans so that you “offset” your employer contribution liability to control cost & maximize benefits.

Cash Balance Plans

Cash balance plans are ideal for high-earning professionals that need to save more on a pre-tax basis than the 401(k) plan limits.  These are a modern replacement for Defined Benefit Plans.

Combo Plans

Combine a Cash Balance Plan, 401(k) Plan, and Profit Sharing Plan for powerful benefits. 

401(k) Plans

401(k) plans are the most common type of employer-sponsored retirement plan.  These can include both employee contributions and employer contributions, along with other customizations.

Defined Benefit Plans

Defined benefit plans take all the investment and contribution decision-making out of your employees’ hands and offer higher contribution limits than 401(k)s.

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What We’re Known For

Dedicated Service

You will receive a dedicated account manager that has the expertise to keep your plan compliant and easy to offer.  So you always have single point of contact for everything related to your retirement plan. 

Expert Compliance

Say goodbye to audit surprises.  We monitor your plan’s compliance in real-time to help prevent compliance issues before they occur.  And if they do occur, we’ll make it easy to correct them.

No Commissions

We don’t accept commissions and our fees are always transparent.  This ensures that you’re receiving unbiased advice because our compensation does not change based on which investment choices are offered in your plan.

Ideas and Solutions

From maximizing executive compensation to solving recurring compliance testing problems, we specialize in designing plans that can solve these common challenges.

Signature-Ready Administration

You hired a service provider to help with your retirement plan, which means you shouldn’t have to fill out forms and process paperwork.  We take that on for you and send signature-ready documents to protect your time.

Education & Advice

Most of your employees aren’t investment experts, and we understand that challenge. We’ve developed educational content and resources to help your employees feel confident about their retirement plan.

The Future of Executive Compensation

Instead of using deferred compensation plans, you should explore our floor-offset plan solutions.  These plans offer your key executives guaranteed pre-tax assets in their retirement plan account instead of a liability that may never get paid.

Learn more about our deferred compensation plan alternatives today.

All Services

Compliance Testing

Plan Documents

Plan Administration


Plan Design

3(38) Fiduciary Services

Investment Menu Monitoring

Contribution Allocation Calculations

Audit Assistance

Disclosures & Notices

Form 5500 Filings

Form 8955-SSA Filings

Compliance Monitoring

Investment Policy Statements

Form 1099-R Processing


Trade Processing

Plan Mergers

Contribution Processing

Distribution & Loan Processing

Employee Education & Advice


Does ERISA Consultants prepare the plan's Form 5500?

Yes – we prepare your plan’s Form 5500 each year, and we send you a signature-ready filing authorization that allows us to file on your behalf.

Can my employees enroll online?

Yes – our online enrollment experience makes it quick and easy for your employees to sign up for the plan. However, we also support companies that prefer to use paper enrollment forms.

How often will employees receive statements?

Employees will receive account statements quarterly, but they can check their online account anytime to see their current balance.

Who has custody of the plan's assets?

ERISA Consultants and its affiliated companies, do not serve as a custodian of plan assets. Instead, you would select an independent financial institution to serve as your plan’s custodian. This provides independent assurance and safekeeping of your plan’s assets.

The vast majority of our clients select Charles Schwab Trust Bank as their plan’s custodian, but we can work with other custodians as well.

Will ERISA Consultants help with my plan audit?

Yes – we assist many clients with their annual plan audit by preparing the documents and reports requested by your auditor. We also work directly with your auditor to answer questions and provide general guidance.

Can you work with my financial advisor?

For the best experience, we believe that our firm should serve as your plan’s financial advisor. However, you can allow individual employees to work with their personal financial advisors.

Are brokerage windows available on your platform?

Yes – we offer a brokerage window using a Charles Schwab’s Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA). This allows plan participants to invest in securities that are not part of your plan’s core investment menu.

Can ERISA Consultants be integrated with my payroll provider?

We have several payroll integration relationships with payroll providers across the US.  Check out our integrations page for a list of the ones we’re already working with.


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